Monday, January 26, 2004

OK, it's about time to start writing in this blog again. I had to frog the sock I was making from LynnH's handpainted yarn 'cause it was clear that I was going to run out of yarn. Tonight maybe I'll comb Barbara Walker's books to find an openwork pattern that won't use as much yarn.

After the disappointment of the frogging, I cast on a sock out of Lion Brand's Magic Stripes yarn. I'm using the Broadripple pattern from I had prepared myself to hate this yarn (after all, it's marketed by Lion Brand), but it's not that bad at all. The color is a little splotchy, but the Confetti sock yarn I used last year was much worse. On the plus side, I'm using only 56 stitiches on the 2.75mm Bryspun double points I got at the fabulous Las Vegas yarn store so they're working up fast!

The One World-One Purse project should be up and running within a week or two. This is the bag I knit up in the car on the way to Vegas. Isn't it great!

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