Monday, February 23, 2004

Back in Salt Lake

We got back from Stitches West last night. It was my first Stitches event and I'd consider going to another. Two of the classes I took were informative, but the third was a waste of time, although the attendee sitting in front of me had on the most fabulous sweater I've ever seen. The market was huge; almost too much to take in. Lots and lots of novelty yarn, which is not really my thing. I'm not much of a pet person either so the dog/cat hair booth creeped me out a little, although I think I can understand why it would appeal to some people. I did manage to pick up some Schaefer Anne yarn. Each skein is fairly unique so it was nice to be able to see and feel them instead of relying on monitor pictures. I got a couple of hanks of Interlacements hand-painted yarn, too, and some Koigu PPPM from a vendor who had a huge stock on the first day and almost none on the last. The best part, of course, was scoping out the hand-knitted garments being worn by the attendees. Predictably, they ran the gamut from fabulous to hideous. Based on my personal observations, I've reached the conclusion that no one over the age of 25 should wear Fun Fur, especially an entire jacket made of Fun Fur. I found the Fashion Show a bit disappointing and, by the end, I had the distinct feeling that Christopher Guest was surreptitiously filming the entire dinner.

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