Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Broadripple Socks Finished

I finished the Broadripple Socks last night and took a pic this morning. Gee, my camera hates the color red for some reason. As you can see, they aren't quite identical although they're pretty close. Admittedly, I could have fudged with the toe of the first (which I didn't Kitchener until the second was done) to make them perfect, but it was late and I'm getting too old to care as much as I did last year when I was younger.

I know some people have had trouble getting a pair of socks from one 100g skein of Magic Stripes. I actually bought two skeins so I could be sure that the finished socks matched. In typical obsessive-compulsive fashion, I examined each skein in the craft store to find the two that looked as perfectly matched as possible. It ended up that I only had to go about one yard into the second skein I bought before I found the identical starting point. I weighed both leftover skeins at the post office this morning; one weighs 2 oz and the other 1.9 oz. So, I didn't even use half of each skein to make each sock. Now I can make another pair from the leftovers 'cause each one starts at the same place. Yippee!

I did alter the Broadripple pattern slightly. I didn't knit the 12 rows of garter ripple, but immediately began the main ripple stitch pattern. I cast on using the Twisted German Cast On and left a really long tail. When the socks were done, I used the tail to work an edging of single crochet around the top. I also used an Eye of Partridge heel with garter bars instead of the slip stitch heel in the pattern. And I worked it for 30 rows instead of the 17 called for in the pattern. Other than that, it's pretty much the same as the original with a shorter leg.

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