Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Felted Purse Pattern

Well, my felted purse pattern is finished! You can get it by clicking here. I've added a link to the sidebar under: Free Patterns.

I was inspired to develop this pattern by the success Wendy & Teresa had at Christmas time with their campaign for Heifer International. So, it's my contribution toward raising money for Heifer's Knitting Baskets. Please let me know if you have any trouble using the PayPal donation link.

The bag is made with a slip stitch pattern so you never change colors mid-row! Really, it's easy and fun. If you make the purse, please write me and send pictures! I'll set up a web page to host them. Also, if you like the pattern and think other knitters would like it too, please consider writing a little blurb on your blog and linking to my blog. I'll make sure the link to the pattern stays on my sidebar.

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