Sunday, March 21, 2004

Another Felted Project!

Yes, my house is a disaster area but I couldn't stop myself from starting a new knitting project. I took an entrelac class at Stitches West and have been wanting to see how the technique looks when it's incorporated into a felted bag. I also wanted to test out my theory on handle placement on the French Market Bag. So, instead of scrubbing the grime off my hardwood floors this weekend, I knit up this little felted basket:

Here it is from a side angle. (See my fabulous new pony wall in the background?!)

And here it is from the front:

Finally, here's what it looked before it was felted. The colors are much more true in this photo.

Yes, my entrelac technique is not wonderful but, hey, it's my first try.
Now that I think of it, I really didn't use any of the design elements from the FMB pattern, although the base is square. I knit the base in garter stitch and picked up stitches around the other three sides. Then I knit the entrelac body. The handles are I-cords and I made them by knitting one side of the handle really long and then grafting it to the base of the opposite side. So I didn't graft them together at the top. DD helped me hand felt it and I think she now believes she's entitled to it. Maybe I'll surprise her and add it to her Easter basket.

Warning! Parental Bragging Ahead

I have to add a little tidbit about my son to my post today. He made the varsity wrestling team this year and the district tournament was on Saturday. He took third place! OK, the bragging is over now.

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