Friday, March 12, 2004

FMB Adjustments

Thanks for all the comments and emails on the French Market Bag. I'll try to respond to everything here.
  1. First, I think Polly (the designer of the pattern) makes a good point. She wrote that she didn't consider the puckering a problem 'cause she uses the bag to carry her WIP from room to room and, therefore, the low sides and easy access through the top are a definite plus. Well, I certainly agree with that and the way she designed the bag really serves that purpose. I just like the look of the slightly higher sides and would like to have the option to close the top so things don't spill out.
  2. As for the slight floppiness, I used yarn in my stash that was not the same weight as the yarn called for in the pattern so it's my fault that the bag is not as thick as I would have liked. For future bags, I'd use the weight called for in the pattern but probably not anything much thicker than that. One strand of Lamb's Pride Worsted would probably work but I think that one strand of Lamb's Pride Bulky would make the bag too thick for my taste.
  3. I didn't measure the "before" circumference, but I did knit the sides 10" high. After felting, the sides are 6.5" high and each side of the base is 7.5" long.
  4. I blocked the bag on something square, not round.
OK, that said, I confess that all day at work I thought about how to put a closure on the bag. So I went at it when I got home and here's what it looks like now:

I'm satisfied.

More Good News

DH just sent me this bit of news. Remember these?--Wacky Packages. I loved them when I was a kid. Looks like they're manufacturing them again. Oh happy day.

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