Thursday, March 11, 2004

FMB is a FO!

I finished the French Market Bag last night and immediately felted it. Here are the before and after pictures:

Here are my thoughts on this project.

  1. I love the way the base is knit and the fact that it felted at the same rate as the rest of the bag. When I've done Janet Scanlon's bags (which I love!) with the garter base, the stitch definition never completely disappears no matter how long I felt it. So, I have a strong preference for this method.
  2. Next time, I'll use heavier yarn. The yarn I used had 220 yards in 100g; the same as Cascade 220. The bag is thick enough to stand on its own but I'd prefer it a little more substantial.
  3. I really dislike the way the front and back of the bag pucker when it's carried. It looks fine when it's set down but when it's picked up, the openings under the handles stick out and look kinda goofy. I think I'll figure out a way to add a clasp, button, or other closure to this bag but here's what I propose to do when I knit my next one.

    • If I knit the bottom in a square again, I won't center the handles over the sides but I'll place them on the front and the back of the bag. So, I'd knit 20, bind off 10, knit 20, bind off 25, knit 20, bind off 10, knit 20, bind off 25. That should get me where I want to be although the handles will be a little thinner at the base. I'll probably decrease every 6th row instead of every 4th row on the handles.

    • In the alternative, I could just knit the bag as written and knit in a flap closure. A possibility.

    • Another possibility, is to knit the base as a rectangle instead of a square. Then I would place the handles in the center of the long side. I'm thinking of a shape similar to the green plastic basket in the picture a few posts below. When I have some time I'll figure out whether it's possible to knit a rectangular base using the designer's increase method.

All in all, I really enjoyed this project. Once the base is completed, it's the perfect project to work on while multi-tasking. In fact, I broke up the monotony of the sides by knitting one row using the Continental method and one row using the English method. It was good practice since I'm not very good at the Continental method.

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