Sunday, March 07, 2004

French Market Tote

Here's where I am on the French Market Bag:

It seems like I've been knitting the darn thing forever but I'm only 6 inches up the sides! The pattern describes the bag as "shallow" and instructs you to knit the sides 8 inches deep. If anyone has made this bag, can you give me some advice. Pretty Please.
  • Has anyone knit the sides higher than 8 inches?
  • If you have, what's a good depth?
  • After you felted the bag, did you shape it over something circular or something square/rectangular?

  • Remodel

    They're starting my remodel today. It'll look nice when it's done, but I've lived through a remodel before and I'm not looking forward to the process. Here's one of the walls that will be only a distant memory by tomorrow night.
    Unfortunately, I don't think it will be possible to save the stained glass, but they promised they'd try. Cross your fingers with me.

    Who's linking here?

    Running commentary on my unending quest to knit up my stash.