Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Manna from Marty

There are lots of pictures today!

I should start by explaining the subject line of this post. Marty is my mail carrier. I love him. Always in a good mood; always wearing an outrageously funny hat. I made him a pair of fingerless gloves that he wears every day--seriously. He's my biggest knitting fan. Anyway, looky what he brought me yesterday.

And look what was inside!

Yes, an amazing box of goodies from Germany via California. The Regia yarn is fabulous; it's from the new "Nations" collection. Don't even know if you can get it in the States yet. But, my favorite thing was the 4" bamboo double points. Just the ticket for my next pair of gloves.
But, wait folks, that's not all. I got a second package from Germany with this:

I traded some Kool Aid for it. Not kidding. Apparently Kool Aid is not sold in Germany although everyone wants it for dyeing yarn.

Knit Along

My New England socks are moving right along:

After I took this picture, I finished the heel flap. Tonight I'll turn the heel and then into the home stretch. I've enjoyed making these socks so far. The pattern definitely looks more complicated than it is. Although, it takes some thought at first to figure out how to do the yarn overs.

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