Thursday, March 18, 2004

Pay Back Time

I've decided it's time to pay my SIL back for breaking the Barbie Barrier at my house when DD was 3 years old. I may be a bit of a grudge-holder but I'm still trying to rid the kids' playroom and DD's bedroom of 7 years' accumulation of Barbie, her entourage, and their essential material possessions. Naturally, my solution is both knitting-related and passive-aggressive. My SIL has 6-year-old daughter whose birthday is in April. So, I'm knitting a crop top for my niece's birthday present. But, it's not just any crop top; this one is made from snow white cotton--hand washable only. To top it off, I intend to sew a beaded border to the bottom edge which will only add to its fragility. Check it out:

And here's the beaded tape.

I'm hoping my niece loves this top so much that she wears it constantly which will mean, of course, that my SIL will be bent over the sink every evening lovingly hand washing it and lying it flat to dry. Wait! On second thought, you don't really think she'll just throw it in the machine!!

Here's a close-up of how I did the armhole decreases.

I took my cue from Elizabeth Zimmerman and used the technique she describes in "Knitting Without Tears" to eliminate the steps that usually appear when you bind off armholes. Instead of binding off all the stitches at the beginning of the bind-off row, I decreased one of those stitches at the end of the row before the bind-off row, then I bound of one less stitch. I think it looks nice and neat. What do you think?

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