Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Spring Fever and FO

The weather's been so nice here the last week or so, I've had trouble concentrating on anything, including knitting. But, the next best thing to finishing a project is buying more yarn to start a new project. I couldn't resist this Lorna's Laces yarn when I was at the LYS yesterday:

The color is called Daffodil and I think it's pretty accurate. It's not really my usual color choice so I must have been subliminally influenced by the daffodils that are already blooming in the flower pots in downtown Salt Lake City and even at my house, which is at an even higher elevation.

Notwithstanding the spring fever, I actually did finish something--the New England socks that I've been working on together with the other knitters who signed up for the knit along.

I took the picture before I blocked the second sock. They both look very nice now. I liked the pattern. Once you get into the groove, it works up quickly and looks impressive. My only complaint is with the instructions for knitting the heel. When you finish the flap and begin to turn the heel, the instructions say: "Row 1: Sl 1, k1 over 21 sts, ssk, turn." What does that mean? At first, I thought it meant: slip 1 stitch, knit the next 21 stitches, then slip slip knit, and turn. But that didn't work. I mentioned it to my LYS owner (and FON "Friend of Nancy") who pointed out my folly. It is really instructing you to *slip 1, knit 1* over 21 stitches. Ah, I get it now. Just not a convention I've ever seen before. Was it me???

Hilarious Link

Someone sent this link to me. I confess that I found it absolutely hysterical even though I can't stand the Quizno's commericals. Don't give up on it--watch the whole thing and pay close attention to the lyrics!

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