Monday, March 15, 2004

Ugh, why am I so disorganized on Mondays??? I spent the better part of the weekend trying to come up with a design for my new kitchen. Even with the wall gone, there's a limited amount of space.

The general contractor sent me to a local cabinet maker and we met with him on Saturday morning. Well, 3 hours later we were no closer to a solution than we were before we parked our butts down in the uncomfortable chairs in front of this guy's desk. Here's the most annoying part of the whole unfortunate meeting; this guy was actually drawing and re-drawing the design on a piece of paper using a mechanical pencil and a protractor. One of us would suggest a different shape or different cabinet and he would actually erase what he had already drawn and re-draw something incorporating the new suggestion. Oh, I was so annoyed I was about to scream! Bottom line--we still have nothing.

I did work on my second New England sock on Sunday and am ready to do the toe decreases:

I figure I'll bring it with me to SnB on Tuesday night since the knitting is mindless from here to the end. I'm really looking forward to meeting Margene on Tuesday night. She just finished a French Market Bag too and I'm dying to see it.

In keeping with the disorganized theme of this post, I know I've seen several blogs with cute knitting-related poems posted to them. Since I am not nearly as clever as most knitters, I direct you not to a poem composed by me, but to some hilarious Haiku-style short poems on this web site. You have to search for them on the left sidebar. My favorite: "I hate all these 15 rows over the mistake."

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