Friday, April 16, 2004

Baby Sweater

DH informed me that one of his frat bros is having a baby. Gosh, I haven't made a baby sweater in a long time. All my friends are at that in-between stage--too old to have more kids, but too young to have grandchildren. I decided to make the Mexicale Ole sweater that was in the last issue of Knitter's Magazine (or maybe it was the issue before that?). Anyway, I wasn't really enamoured with the self-patterning sock yarn called for in the pattern for a couple of reasons. The gauge was really loose and the finished sweater, which is on display at my LYS, seems really flimsy to me. Also, it looked too much like a bad Mexican blanket that you can buy in Nogales. Plus, it had to be solid red; the color for Cornell, DH's alma mater. So, I settled on plain old cotton yarn--Saucy Sport by Reynolds.

It's cute, although not as fast a knit as I thought it would be. Hopefully I'll finish it tonight or this weekend. The date for the demolition of my kitchen is fast approaching and I've got lots of cabinets to clean out. Fun.

What's Up With My Blog Address??

You used to be able to reach my blog by typing:
For some strange reason that won't work any more and I've not clever enough to figure out why. Oh, crap. If you're linking to me, please use this address which does seem to work:

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to redirect people from to Please.

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