Monday, April 19, 2004

Ole Schmole

Hmmm . . . notice there's no picture of a finished Mexicale Ole sweater. I worked on it this weekend but finally tossed it aside in disgust. Oh, I'll finish it; but I have to stop hating it first. The sweater itself worked up nicely, although the side seams are a little bulky. It was somewhat awkward to sew together the sides because the sweater is knit cuff to cuff. However, it's the collar that threw me into a foul mood. I had to frog the damn thing twice. The first time, I realized that the pattern was wrong, wrong, wrong! It instructs you to knit one row then purl the next. I don't think so. You really need to purl the first row, then knit. Lesson #1 learned. I frogged. Then, after almost completing the whole collar, I realized that the thing was just massive. I mean, there was almost a whole 50g skein of yarn knit into that collar. It was just ridiculously huge and bulky. So, I frogged. I did, however, pick up the stitches again. This time, though, I plan to make a much smaller shawl collar. Anyway, I knit a couple of rows and put it aside. Maybe tonight I'll shake off my annoyance and finish it up.

I do have pictures of the felted slippers that I plan to pair with the sweater.

Cute, huh? They're from the book, Knit Baby Head & Toes. I think Bev Galaskas wrote the pattern. There were no mistakes in that pattern. How can you not love her.

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