Monday, April 12, 2004

Productive Weekend

Well, I finally had some serious knitting time this weekend and was able to finish a couple of things (and start some more!). First, I finally finished the crop top I made for my niece.

I crocheted around the armholes and neckline and then sewed the bead ribbon to the bottom edge.

I haven't seen it on her, but my daughter says it fits her great and looks cute.

I spent most of the weekend working on my Broadripple socks. We have more than 250 people in the knitalong now, including several from Germany! I finished the second last night but haven't taken a picture of both yet. Here's the first.

I used a Sherman heel that I've modified slightly from the original directions that were posted on the Socknitters List. I think it's become my heel of choice. This is my second Broadripple sock and my first out of fingering weight yarn. I think next time I'll go down a needle size when I knit the foot. Because of the st. st. on the bottom, it's slightly larger than the leg. It still fits, but I like my socks really snug.

Do You Have Extra Needles??

I read on LynnH's blog that she's looking for donations of needles, yarn, and canvas tote bags. The details are in the April 8, 2004 entry and include the address to which you can send your donation.

Who's linking here?

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