Friday, April 02, 2004

Socks, New Knit Along, and (speaking in hushed tones) Crocheting!

It looks like Donna and I will be co-hosting a Broadripple Knit Along. We're planning it out now and I'll post details once they're worked out. So check back next week. I'm actually thinking of offering some kind of raffle-type prize to motivate everyone to finish. What do ya think?

I made some progress on my mindless, self-patterning socks. I'm using a combination heel: a very short Eye of the Partridge heel flap, combined with a no-wrap short-row heel that's detailed in this pattern.


I've done this heel before and really like the way it fits.

Look at the drawstring treasure bag I made last night:

And, yes, it is crocheted! It's made from that recycled silk yarn that's spun from sari leftovers. The colors are beautiful but the yarn was a bitch to work with. I actually started a knitted bag with it a few months ago and just couldn't bring myself to work on it 'cause I disliked working with the yarn so much. This only took a couple of hours to finish. I forgot how much faster it is to crochet.

Did you see Beth's French Market Bag? Oh, the colors are so beautiful; she used Kureyon for the bottom.

Last, but not least, check out the spring edition of!!

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