Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Felted Crochet Bag

Here's the picture of the crocheted bag after felting.

Considering the amount of time that it took to make this, I'm really happy with it. The sides were 13" tall before felting and they're now 11" tall. So it didn't shrink nearly as much as knitted bags do. Next time I know not to make it so tall, although I do like the shape of this one. It has plenty of room for lots of yarn.
I tried to mimic the handles on the Marsupial Bag but I think I made them a little too large. On the other hand, I could have made them even longer and then the tote could be carried over the shoulder, more like a shoulder bag. I think I'll experiment with the handle length a little further. The thing I like the least is that it's easy to see where one color ended and the other began.

I've not noticed this so much with my knitted bags that I've felted. I suppose I could minimize the jog by using single crochet instead of half-double crochet. But, that would involve a lot more stitches. Maybe I'll just learn to love the jog.

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