Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Poncho Postscript

I mentioned to DD that I was thinking of making her a poncho. She looked at the pattern and said, "But where will you get waterproof yarn?" Ahhhhh, I think DH has taken her camping too many times.

Yarn Acquisition

I got a package the other day containing the most amazing yarn. It's called Anna's Yarn and it's hand-dyed by Merike Saarniit. There are no color cards; you just write and tell her the color you have in mind. I told her I'd like a blue-green ocean color and look at the fabulous skein I got:

Not only is the color gorgeous, but the yarn itself is simply wonderful. It's a blend of wool and mohair. Now I just need to find a pattern to do it justice. Margene suggested a small wrap or stole and I'm leaning in that direction. The skein has almost 450 yards so I should be able to make something that would fit me.

New Sock

I started a new sock on Monday night.

Yeah, yeah, I know I still have to finish the Cloverleafs for the knitalong. But, there's a time crunch on these so they moved up the sock queue.

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