Monday, June 28, 2004

Read Me

Teresa had a link to this site on her blog today and I think it's making the blogging rounds. I think some of it is a little sharply worded but the underlying points are relevant. I'd like to elaborate on the section that reads,
"Never assume a writer owes you any response. They may receive from a few to hundreds of messages per day. Some will gladly write back immediately, others will never reply. Try not to take it personally, because chances are it has more to do with their schedule than anything else."

Lots of people either leave comments on my blog over the course of the week or email me. It's sad but true, I simply can't respond to everyone; especially with almost 400 members now in the Six Sox Knitalong. So, if you read my blog, please continue to leave comments--I read them all--and please don't be offended if I don't respond. It really is only because I'm usually very far behind in everything. And, I do visit your site if you leave the link.

Don't Try This at Home Boys and Girls

For the second time in as many months I came dangerously close to running out of yarn while making a pair of socks. This time was even closer than the last.

This is not a set-up. I really had only 1 yard, 36 measley inches, left in this ball of yarn when I finished the second sock. How cool is that! Here's the pair after blocking.

More FOs

I actually finished three projects this weekend. Yup, and I even had company in from out of town, too. The first are the Gull Wing Lace socks (above). I also finished my Cloverleaf socks for the knitalong

They sure are orange, aren't they! I was thinking of giving them to DD, but I'm kinda attached to them now. I'll wear them when college basketball season starts since the color for my alma mater is orange.

I also finished a felted bag that I started last weekend. This one, though, is crocheted.

I felted it after this picture was taken but didn't have a chance to take the "after" picture. It looks pretty good though. The best part, of course, is that I made the whole thing in only 3 hours or so. I'll post a finished picture and a little more details tomorrow or Wednesday.

With so many FOs, I just couldn't stop myself from casting on a new project. I don't have a pic yet, but it's a shawl. Stay tuned.

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