Sunday, July 11, 2004

Birthday Favors

Yesterday was DD's birthday. Four of her friends came over and I took them up to Einsteins for bagels. Well, Einsteins calls them bagels, but they're nothing more than rolls. When I first moved out here 17 years ago there was not a single bagel shop in the entire valley, and probably not one in the entire state. We went through such withdrawal that my in-laws actually mailed some to us from NY a couple of times. Then, a few years later, an absolutely wonderful bagel shop opened up near downtown. And the bagels were real! I found out later the co-owners were former lawyers; one was from Manhattan and the other from Syracuse. Needless to say, I called everyone I knew and begged them to patronize the place so it wouldn't go under. Turns out that was unnecessary. The shop did so well, it expanded and expanded and was eventually acquired by . . . Einsteins :-(
They began to use their own recipe for the bagels (which does not include boiling them first) and now we're bagel-less again.

After the ersatz bagels, we headed over to Old Navy and each of the girls picked out a pair of flip flop sandles. Then on to Michaels where they choose some Fun Fur yarn. Then back to our house to watch Legally Blonde while I whipped up these babies:

Cute, huh? The girls were happy; well, as happy as five, 11-year-old tweens can get.

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