Thursday, July 22, 2004

Hole In My Head

Ok, I need a wake-up call. I just joined another knitalong. This is a Shawl-Along and it's hosted by Leandra in Vienna.

It sounds too fun to pass up, especially since my recently acquired skein of Helen's Lace has been calling to me from her sealed plastic Ziploc bag. "Yes, Helen, I'm coming." Of course, I know I have no business joining another knitalong when I'm trying to manage the 500+ members in my Six Sox Knitalong, but what's a girl to do? Is it time for an intervention?

Amazing Lunch

I had the most amazing lunch yesterday. Justice Stephen Breyer of the United States Supreme Court was in town for a conference and he spoke to the Utah Bar at lunch. Because my boss is the most fabulous person in the world, he made arrangements for me to sit at Justice Breyer's table with him, the Lt. Governor, etc. Yikes! I nearly fainted when he told me. But here's the best part. Justice Breyer came to our chambers before the lunch and I actually walked from our building to the luncheon with him. Really, how cool is that!! He was exceptionally nice and engaging and told me the funniest story (which I won't repeat here). Ah, the best lunch of my life--never to be repeated.

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