Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Knitty Pattern

The new came out last week. Coincidentally a friend of mine is getting married soon so I thought I'd make her one of these. Well, after 6 hours of fiddling with the pattern, I decided to cut my losses. Those losses include about 2.5 hours working a provisional cast-on of 122 stitches and using a three-needle bind off to make a picot edging. Here it is pre-frogging:

Damn!! There's at least one error in the pattern (row 11 of the bra). It's possible there are more because I couldn't get 75% of the rows to work out properly; either the lace didn't line up or the stitch count was off. I don't suck that bad as a lace knitter, do I? OK, don't answer that. Maybe it is me and not the pattern.

Well, it's off to Nordstrom to buy a boring shower gift.

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