Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Lots O' Socks

Thanks to everyone who purchased my Picasso Socks pattern. I'm waiting for one more check to arrive before I forward all the money on to the Ronald McDonald House.

Tine has made two socks already. There are pictures of both on her blog, but I really love this one:

Isn't it great. What a perfect choice of yarn.

While I was in Sun Valley, the next sock in the Six Sox Knitalong was announced. The pattern is called "Making Waves" and it was written by co-host, Pam. She sent me the pattern last month and when I test knit it, we discovered a small error in the stitch pattern. Look what one tiny typo can do:
This is how the sock should look (I knit this last week):

And this is what my test-knit sock looks like.

Yikes! More like a ripple than a wave, huh. If I'd paid more attention to the picture Pam sent me, I'd have noticed the problem before I finished the whole sock. Anyway, we caught the mistake before the pattern was posted to the list and all is well. Knitting officially starts on August 1st, but some members have already started knitting. I can't blame them; the pattern really is fantastic.

More Sun Valley Pictures

Here are some pictures from the Sun Valley trip. The grounds have really been spiffed up the last two years. Look at these begonias; they're huge!

Here are more begonias, not so huge but equally as beautiful:

And here's a picture DD took of me and my son.

If you actually "know" me but haven't seen me in a week or so, you're probably shocked at the short hair. Yup, I cut it all off. Well, to be more accurate, I went in for my bi-annual hair cut. Actually, now that I think of it, I believe the last time I went under the scissors was last August, just before my son's Bar Mitzvah. Wow, that's more than 10 months. We've been kidding my son that his hair is now longer than mine.

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