Friday, July 02, 2004

Meadow Flowers Shawl

Here's a picture of the shawl I mentioned earlier this week.

I actually finished the body this morning but didn't have time to take a picture. I'm hoping to complete the edging this weekend. I don't have work on Monday but the kids are off to camp so I should have a nice, quiet block of time when I can focus. The pattern, though, is extremely easy. Well, compared to the Faroese shawl I just made. I only messed up once and that was because I brought it to Stitch 'n Bitch on Tuesday night and foolishly tried to work on it while I chatted incessantly.
The pattern is from the book Knitter's Stash; one of my all-time favorite knitting books. I've been eyeing it for at least a year but Sharon's post about it got me thinking again. I'm seriously thinking of donating the finished shawl to the Utah Legal Aid fundraiser. Last year I knit some Barbie clothes that sold for $150.00 so I think a hand-knit shawl would bring in some $$.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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