Friday, July 09, 2004

This and That

No pictures today because the project I've been working on this week is the next sock for the Six Sox Knitalong. I can't spill the beans and show you that, now can I? All I'll say is that it's an awesome sock pattern, written by one of the group members especially for the knitalong.
Another reason I don't have anything to show today is that I went to that bridal shower last night. I didn't have a fabulous hand-knit gift for the bride-to-be, but I did manage to find a magnificent kimono robe at a Japanese store downtown. I think she liked it; she put it on and wore it while she opened the rest of her gifts.

Interesting Links

If you have some spare time this weekend, why not consider making your own swift out of PVC piping. This woman did and she was kind enough to post the instructions on the Web.

Here's another interesting link. At SnB last week, one of the women was discussing how her friend buys sweaters at thrift stores, felts them, and makes mittens and hats from the felted fabric. I've done this, only I've made pillows. I've also frogged new sweaters and used the wool for CIC socks. After I blogged about that, I got many, many email messages asking me which types of sweaters can be frogged and what characteristics to look for. Well, here's an industrious person who's done all the work for you and posted a great article (including pictures!) on how to unravel sweaters to obtain recycled yarn.

Shawl Update

Thanks to everyone who left suggestions on the opening bid and fair market value of my Meadow Flowers Shawl. I think a $50-$80 opening bid is probably where we'll end up. The only reason I need to tell them a FMV, is for tax purposes: both mine and the person who wins the shawl at auction. So it's really unrelated to the bidding itself. And while I agree that hand-knit items generally are undervalued, the standard for this auction is what a willing buyer would pay for the item.

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