Monday, July 26, 2004

To Fringe, Or Not To Fringe, That Is The Question

Remember my Deco Ribbon, drop-stitch shawl? Well, it's finished but it's now a Deco-Ribbon, drop-stitch poncho. I took Beth's advice and sewed up one side of the rectangle to turn it into a poncho. Here's DD modeling it, front and back:

I wrote to someone at Crystal Palace about blocking the Deco Ribbon and got a very nice response (thanks, Susan). She suggested pinning it out to shape, spritzing it with water, and letting it dry pinned in place. I tried that but it didn't really set the shape. So, I took the plunge, followed some advice given me by a member of the knitlist, and pressed the whole thing with a hot iron (of course, I put a cloth over it first since the yarn has some nylon in it). It crushed the ribbon a little but it actually looks much better; not so bunchy. I have one skein of the Deco Ribbon left and I'm wondering if I should add fringe to the poncho. Personally, I dislike fringe; I think it looks ratty long before the garment shows wear. But, it might polish up the look. My hair stylist (a former graphic artist from NYC) thinks it should remain fringeless and I tend to agree with him. Come on, I know you have an opinion on this. Whatta ya think?

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