Monday, August 02, 2004

Felted Bags and Secret Pals, Oh My

At the beginning of the Six Sox Knitalong, I promised to make a felted bag to give away in the final raffle. I immediately regretted it, only because I am so bad at meeting deadlines. I envisioned myself felting the thing the day before I needed to mail it. Well, with a lot of help from Margene, it's finished 10 months early. Here she is:

Hope the winner likes purple as much as I do. The pattern is Janet Scanlon's Oregon Tote pattern. I've made lots and lots of these over the course of the last few years. I've also made her Constant Companion tote and the Special Companion. I've found all the patterns to be extremely well-written and the finished bag can't be beat. You want to make one, too, I know it.

I got the name of my Secret Pal on Friday and sent a package off to her. Hopefully, she'll receive it today. What fun! She's a blogger, too, but I've never been to her site before. It was fun to read through all the archives and get some ideas for her special surprises. Now I wonder who got my name?? The suspense is killing me. Are you reading this? Reveal yourself, I say!

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