Wednesday, August 04, 2004

More Info On Felted Bag

I got a lot of comments and emails about the felted bag pictured in my last post. Thanks for all the compliments! The bag is made from Cascade 220 yarn held doubled throughout. I blocked it over the box that my fabulous German sock yarn came in. Just slip a plastic bag over the box, then slide the wet, felted bag over the box. I usually choose a form that's slightly smaller than the felted bag and really force the bag over the form by stretching and pulling it. Then I leave it on the form until it's almost completely dry. I've found that this method makes the bag hold it's shape much better after it's dry. Here's my favorite bag that I've made to date:

It's another Janet Scanlon pattern called "My Little Companion." It's knit from a double strand of NatureSpun Worsted Weight yarn and I knit some novelty yarns in at random intervals. Unfortunately, I don't have this bag any more. I gave it to a non-knitting co-worker who carries her lunch in it every day. So it has a good home.

Secret Pal

Yipee! My Secret Pal left a comment on my blog. Hi, Secret Pal!! If you missed out on Secret Pal II, a Secret Pal III group has already been organized. To join this one, though, you must have a blog. Check it out.

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