Thursday, August 05, 2004

Need Recommendations

I'm going to Boston next week and am trying to decide which yarn shops to visit while I'm there. I won't be there long and I'm not in a position to travel great distances from suburban Boston so I've narrowed it down to Creative Warehouse in Needham, Mind's Eye Yarns in Cambridge, and The Franklin Mill Store in Franklin. I'm hoping to find some Cherry Tree Hill yarn (including their great sock yarn) or some Schaefer yarns (love their Anne yarn) since I covet both but neither are available at the LYSs near me. I'm also on the prowl for a copy of the Charlotte's Web pattern (but maybe that can wait 'til Rob and Matt are back up and running).

If someone from MA is reading this, can you give me some feedback on my list. Is there any "to die for" shop that I shouldn't miss?

A Shawl From Acrylic Yarn

Yes, you read the heading right, I'm making something out of acrylic yarn! It's a shawl for my mother who absolutely refuses to wear wool. Here's why: she's allergic to cats and somehow thinks she is a fortiori allergic to wool. OK, she's pretty old so I'll just indulge her with an acrylic shawl. Here's the in-progress picture:

The pattern is a shop pattern from a local LYS and it's knit from end to end. I'm knitting like crazy to finish it 'cause I need to bring it with me on my aforementioned trip to Boston. I actually made a lot of progress after I took this picture so I may have a finished shawl to show off on Monday.


I'm grading the Utah Bar Exam tomorrow so I won't be posting. But, I want to remind everyone that tomorrow is the anniversary of the enactment of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Please, please register to vote and make sure you vote in November.

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