Thursday, August 26, 2004

Need to Get it Together

Now that summer's almost over and the kids are back to school, I'm trying to tie up some loose ends. That led me to organize the shelves on which I keep my current knitting projects. Oooops, I may have started too many. Let's see, there's my second pair of Making Waves socks for the knitalong, a felted bag that I'm swapping for a hand-made lampworked necklace (more on that amazing swap some other time), the second of the socks I'm knitting in the German knitalong, two baby sweaters (perhaps I was foolish to knit a pattern calling for fingering weight yarn and size 2 needles), the Gracie Shawl, a crocheted shawl from a Fiber Trends pattern, and the sock from the pattern I'm writing. Oh, and the second sock from the next Six Sox Knitalong pattern (sorry, I won't be posting a picture of that). Rather than making me feel better, I feel a little anxious now. Well, at least I have a handle on things and can start to prioritize. I should probably finish one of the baby sweaters first; I'm making the 6-9 month size and the the child is already 2 months old. Crap! I should probably also clean up my sidebar, but first things first.

This And That

We had a wonderful, small Stitch and Bitch group on Tuesday night. Plus, the weather was beautiful and cool so we didn't swelter in Bruce's shop. Margene gave me a fabulous bag of goodies for my birthday.

They're produced by her sister's company, Cedar & Sage, and I can now vouch for their loveliness. My advice is that you can't go wrong with the Salt Scrub. Thank you, Margene.
Oh, and a big thank you also goes out to Steph, who ROAK'd me with a fabulous gift certificate.

Someone wrote and asked about the cuff on my new sock pattern. The sample sock I knit has a Latvian Twist edge (adding this edge is optional in the pattern).

I think it's pretty. Although the directions I've written explaining how to work it are somewhat verbose, it's really very easy to do. Just one of those techniques that's much easier to pick up when you see it done than when you try to figure it out from instructions.

Oh, and to the person who wrote and asked me to send her the pattern for the bath poof crocheted from tuille, I don't know what you're talking about -- sorry.

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