Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Thanks, Secret Pal!

I got back late Tuesday night from my trip and there was a package waiting for me from my Secret Pal. Look at the wonderful goodies:

There were two, 50g skeins of Jawoll sock yarn in a beautiful pink/black/grey color. I usually don’t like pink, but this yarn is just gorgeous. The muted neutral colors are right up my alley! I know exactly the pattern I’m going to use for this yarn, too. There were also some really unique dpn point protectors and a nice handwritten note. Thanks so much, Secret Pal; what a great package of goodies. How did you mange to find three things I’ve never even seen before!

Recent Acquisitions

I managed to visit 4 yarn shops while I was in Boston (well, 5 if you count the lame one on Newbury Street). I haven’t had time to take pics of my haul yet, so I’ll do that in the next couple of days. On the plane, I worked on a new sock pattern that I’ll be offering for sale in the next few weeks.

It knit up much quicker than I thought it would and since I neglected to bring the second skein of yarn with me, I could only knit the first sock. So I listened to the CD of David Sedaris’ book, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, on the plane ride home. OMG, the story “Six To Eight Black Men” is soooo much funnier when he reads it. Iwas laughing so hard I started to cry. Kinda embarrassing on a crowded flight. But then the woman seated next to me started to eat package after package of Goulden’s mustard so I didn’t feel so weird.

If you’ve been reading my blog from almost the beginning you may remember when I
posted about my husband’s brilliant suggestion to use a golf stroke counter to keep track of rows/stitches. While at my parents, I was helping my mother clear out some drawers and look what I found:

Yup, the old “adding machine” she took to the store to keep track of her grocery
purchases. She thought I was nuts when I began to beg her for it, but eventually let me take it. It’s much better than the golf counter since it has three displays instead of just one.

Shawl Pattern

Several people left comments on my blog or emailed me about the shawl I knit for my
mother (see post below). The pattern is a shop pattern that is complimentary if you buy the yarn to make the shawl. If you want the pattern, you can contact the Needlepoint Joint in Ogden, Utah and ask about “Carol’s Clever Shawl.”

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