Sunday, August 08, 2004

Weekend Fun

Since moving to Utah from Massachusetts 17 years ago, I’ve found that I miss the following things most (in this order):

1. The ocean,
2. Good bagels, pizza, and subs, and
3. Major league baseball

Let’s face it; it’s impossible to grow up in the shadow of Fenway Park and not be a Red Sox fan. Several years ago, Salt Lake got a AAA baseball team, the Salt Lake Stingers. At first, it was a Twins farm team now it’s the Angel’s farm team. Since the beginning, we’ve bought season tickets and split the games with two other families. After the second or third season we were able to switch our seats (which were on the extremely hot and sunny third base side) for some prime seats just to the right of the netting behind home plate and three rows from the field. Can’t complain about those seats! Plus, we now have an amazing view of the mountains while we watch the game. Unfortunately, my kids aren’t quite the baseball fans that my husband and I are (he’s a die-hard Mets fan but I’ll forgive him for 1986), so many times our tickets get used by friends or co-workers. I attribute the kids' disinterest to the fact that there’s no major league team here. Well, on Saturday night Andres Galarraga suited up for the Stingers and all four of us went to the game. Yikes, what a rout. The Stingers scored 22 runs and easily beat the Omaha Royals (who scored 10 runs of their own). The weather was perfect and it was totally fun to see so many hits. Plus, I also got some knitting done! I worked on my “Making Waves” sock for the Six Sox Knitalong and managed to finish the gusset decreases.

Can a weekend in Utah get any better than that?

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