Sunday, August 29, 2004

Weekend Fun

DH got a new car on Friday and since it's been unseasonably cool, we took a ride to Park City on Sunday to see if the leaves have started to turn in the mountains.

There was only a little bit of color here and there, but it shouldn't be much longer now.

We walked up and down Main Street and stopped at my favorite place in Park City, the Old Territorial Jail & Museum. It's a interesting little museum filled with information on the history of mining in Summit County mixed in with some history of the ski industry in Park City. The best part, though, is the old jail in the basement. Totally cool. One of the cells has this amazing graffiti created with candle smoke by a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (the "Wobblies") when he was imprisoned in the jail after a labor dispute.

After the jail, we stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. DD got her braces off a couple of weeks ago and has been begging to go here for a candy appple. This is a chain with stores in Snowbird, Park City, Sun Valley, and Jackson Hole so it's a bit of a tourist trap, but the caramel apples are to die for.

Ah, finally she gets to take a big-ass bite:

DH (standing to the right in the picture) kidded her that she was violating one of the sacred rules of eating: Never eat anything bigger than your head.

Scarf Directions

I haven't forgotten my promise from Friday. Here are the directions on how to make the scarf modeled by the bride in last Friday's post.

Continue in this manner until you run out of yarn or the scarf is the length you want. That's it! Clever, huh? But, Chris, you already figured it out!

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