Thursday, September 09, 2004

Fiber Festival

On Saturday, Laurie, Emily, Shannon, Margene, Karen, and I headed up to the Back of the Wasatch Fiber Festival.

This year it was held in conjunction with the Soldier Hollow Sheep Dog Championship Trials. When we arrived in late morning the weather was beautiful. I had been up the canyon with my family the previous weekend and we saw very little color in the mountains. But look what a week of cool nighttime temperatures will do!

The booths were loaded with alpaca and alpaca blend yarns and I bought my share (well, of yarn, not alpaca).

I also bought some wonderful hand-dyed merino yarn. There are 400 yards in one, 50g skein so I'd call it cobweb weight. (Ooops, I got this wrong. I just checked the label and see that it's a 1 ounce skein and it has 300 yards. ) I couldn't help but cast on for a lacy scarf.

I worked on it Tuesday night at Stitch and Bitch so it's a little longer now than when I took the pictures. It's slow going but easy and almost mindless.

I sent out two RAOKs on Wednesday so, if you're a member of the ring, watch your mailbox. Maybe one is on its way to you.

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