Wednesday, September 29, 2004

First Amendment Rights For Sale

(note: The knitting content is further down in today’s post.)

If you're looking for a little extra money for yarn, maybe I can hook you up with this guy in Utah County who's willing to purchase your First Amendment rights from you (well, only if your speech contravenes his views). By way of background, the student government at Utah Valley State College invited Michael Moore to speak at the school and he accepted, thereby initiating a ridiculous uproar among local residents and donors to the school. Nothing, however, tops the parent who offered to donate $25,000 to the school if it cancelled Moore's appearance. Most amazing is the following statement which the local newspaper attributed to said parent,
"I should not have to send my children to a private university to get a conservative education when I live in a conservative community and have a state college in my back yard that is paid for by conservative taxpayers and donors. A balanced education does not require we teach our children to be so open-minded that their brains fall out."
Excuse me, but maybe if you took your head out of your butt you'd realize that plenty of my money, and the money of other non-conservative Utahns flows into the coffers of the State of Utah. Plus, I am not the least bit afraid that my kids' brains are going to fall out (WTF does that mean anyway?) if they listen to Michael Moore or even Bill O'Reilly.

In any event, I thought I would share this story with you in case you're intereted in selling your First Amendment rights to this guy. Perhaps, if presented with an offer, he'd be willing to purchase your Fourth and Sixth Amendment rights, too.

Knitting Content (but no pictures)

Not much knitting content today, since most of my time has been spent frogging instead of knitting. In addition to frogging the gloves I started for the Glove-Along, I also frogged the Hallowig I started for my daughter. It was clearly going to be too big (OMG, I just realized that maybe her head is small because her brains have fallen out from listening to too many ideas). I'm still determined to make it although it will require re-working the pattern with fewer stitches.

I'm also frantically trying to finish my Making Waves socks before the Six Sox deadline on Thursday. I actually knit a round in the car yesterday on my way home from work. No, the car was not moving at the time although I was sitting in the driver's seat. I promise there'll be pictures of something tomorrow.

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