Sunday, September 12, 2004

FO x Two

I've got two FOs to report (Yippee!). The first are the mittens I was making from the pattern in Folk Knitting in Estonia.

They look much nicer now that they're blocked, although I messed up a little on the second thumb and I swear one is slightly bigger than the other. What do you think? I clearly eased up a little on the second one; the floats are not so tight. I have the most problem changing colovers after moving from one needle to the next. I'm going to work on this, although I'm not convinced that stranded socks would be nearly as stretchy as I would like them.

My second FO is the second sock made from my new pattern.

It will be for sale later this week, so check back if you'd like to purchase the pattern.


I was RAOK'd on Friday by Nannette. She sent me a copy of the the pattern to make the Los Lobe Hose mini sock earrings and an extra packet of ear wires. My LYS carried this pattern for a while and I always meant to buy it but somehow it never ended up in my bag. So this was a great surprise. Of course, I had to try it out--right? Here's the result:

How cute are those! For some reason, my daughter is under the impression that they belong to her. I don't think so. When my son (the flippant 14-year-old) saw them he said, "You'll make anything out of yarn, won't you." Hmmmm . . . ain't that the truth. And just to show you how right he is, I have written up the pattern for the seamless Barbie Poncho that I blogged about last week. Scroll down the sidebar 'til you get to the heading "Free Patterns" and you'll see the link. If you make one, send me the picture and I'll post it on my blog. Wouldn't it look cute with a little Fun Fur trim or something? Have fun with it.

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