Sunday, September 19, 2004

New Sock Pattern Announced

The new sock pattern for the Six Sox Knitalong was revealed last week. Knitting officially begins on October 1st but between now and then there’s a contest for members who use the new pattern to knit socks for Children in Common (CIC). One of the members generously donated a skein of Mountain Colors Weaver’s Wool for the prize. I finished my first CIC pair while DD had her gymnastics lesson on Saturday. (Man, those bleacher seats hurt your butt after two hours!)

I was the test knitter for the women’s medium size and made my first sock during the trip to Sun Valley that we took in July.

I started the second one on Saturday and got the heel flap finished on Sunday night.

Unfortunately, just after that I cut my index finger in such a way that I could not get it to stop bleeding. So, I had to wrap it up tight in gauze and tape and that was the end of my knitting for the weekend. Bummer. I do have another FO to show you later this week, though. And I got one of those infamous yellow boxes in the mail on Saturday afternoon so I’ll have plenty of pictures too!

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