Wednesday, September 08, 2004


There was a package waiting for me when I returned home from work yesterday.

The package was from Debbi, a fellow fiber snob who I met on an online knitting group. It's two skeins of the most fabulous sock yarn called "Socks that Rock" from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. It's hand-dyed, 100% superwash merino wool and the colorway Debbi sent is called Sapphire. Oh, my, it is so soft and beautiful. It could be the softest merino yarn I've ever had the pleasure of holding. And the color is just devine. It really can't be appreciated by looking at it on a computer monitor. I know I'll be ordering more of this!
But, that's not all she sent. She also included a package of needles that have a hook on one end and a point on the other. She says they're great for picking up gusset stitches and I can see at a glance that she's right. I'm not giving mine up, but if you want your own set you can order them here.
What a wonderful, thoughtful package. Thanks so much, Debbi!

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