Friday, September 24, 2004

Shawl Questions

A couple of people wrote me or left comments about the new
shawl I’m knitting and the shawls I’m planning to knit. The one I have on the needles now is a very simple triangle-shaped shawl from the Summer 2001 issue of Knitter’s magazine. I think you can see the stitch pattern a little better in this photo.

It’s an extremely easy pattern and I chose it mostly because it can be knit from memory so I don’t need to have the chart in front of me. I haven’t worked on it for very long but I’m up to 121 stitches already so I should finish it by the end of the weekend. I’m planning to do another Flower Basket Shawl within the next month since I think it would make a nice present for my neighbor who recently learned that she has cancer. I’m also planning another Meadow Flowers Shawl with the Helen’s Lace yarn I just bought, but I might wait on that ‘til after the holidays.

Scarf Pattern

I set up a Web page for the free scarf pattern I wrote this week. It’s difficult to tell from yesterday’s picture, but it’s actually a Seaman’s style scarf, knit from side-to-side by using short rows. Here’s a better picture:

I knit the body of the scarf from just one skein of Noro Silk Garden (I used the second skein for the ruffles). It’s an excellent pattern for using up skeins that are left over from larger projects. In fact, if you’re in the Klaralund knitalong and have a skein of Silk Garden left over, this would be a good pattern. Have fun with it and, as always, if you knit the scarf send me a picture. I’d love to see it.

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