Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Wow, everyone is leaving amazing tips! Thanks for participating in my little contest. If I have some spare time this weekend, I'll try and create a separate page and put all the tips on that. The contest doesn't end until Friday, so scroll down to yesterday's post and leave a comment to enter!

Just to prove that I've been reading the posts and knitting, here's a scarf I made this week.

The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk. Oh, my, it is so schöööön! There's only one yarn shop in town that carries it and when I returned yesterday to buy up the rest of their stock it was gone. Yikes! The owner was very nice, though, and promised to order some more. Unfortunately, I can't justify purchasing the 16 skeins it would take to make this amazing sweater. That's fine, though, as I'm happy to make more single-skein scarves that I'm donating to a local charity. The charity gets the scarves, and I get the pleasure of knitting with this fabulous yarn.

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