Sunday, October 17, 2004

Band Heel

Janine left a comment asking if the heel I posted about last week
(“Beate’s Heel”) was a Band heel. Actually, it's just the opposite of a Band heel. Beate's Heel creates a very rounded, horseshoe shaped edge under the foot. In contrast, a Band heel creates a long, narrow strip under the foot. Here's a picture of a sock I knit a few months ago that has a Dutch heel (which looks very similar to a Band heel):

If you compare that with the picture on Beate's blog, you'll see the difference. Also, there is no gusset shaping with a Band heel but there is gusset shaping with Beate’s Heel. Personally, I don't like the feel of the Dutch/Band heel on my foot.

Nancy Bush’s book, Folk Socks, has a wonderful section at the beginning that describes many different types of heels, including the Dutch heel and the Band heel. The book is inexpensive and a great investment if you knit a lot of socks.

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