Friday, October 08, 2004

Charity Knitting

If you're part of the Six Sox Knitalong, the CIC sock contest ends on Monday. You have until Monday evening to post pictures of the socks you've knit for CIC from the October/November Fluted Bannister pattern. I'll announce the winner of the contest on Wednesday. First prize is a skein of Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool and second prize is a sock pattern from The

If you're looking for other charity knitting projects, Bliss has a wonderful post summarizing some worthy causes. In line with that, here's a link to a fabulous sock pattern written by Lisa Lloyd. They're called Pink Ribbons Socks and Lisa has made the pattern available on her Web site. Please consider making a pair for someone who's been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I'm off to the Utah Legal Aid dinner in a couple of hours. Here's hoping that someone pays a decent amount for the hand-knit shawl I donated.

Have a great holiday weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada. I'll have some pictures of my latest sock to show you on Monday.

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