Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Contest Time!

I'm carrying the holiday knitting theme into my contest this month. Here are the rules (hey, there have to be rules, I'm a lawyer):

  1. Between now and midnight on October 31st, leave a comment on my blog.

  2. In your comment, include a link to a free pattern (it must be available on-line) that would make a quick, but nice holiday gift. It's even better if you link to a pattern that you've knit already so you can give a little critique of it.

  3. The pattern must be for a teenager or adult and must require no more than 3 skeins of yarn.

  4. It cannot be a pattern that someone else has already posted. So don't dawdle; the faster you post, the more choices you have available to you.

  5. Please don't e-mail me with your entry. I won't be able to check my messages until the evening of the 31th and it will take too much time for me to sort through them all. Also, I'll use a random number generator to choose the winner and I can't count your entry if you send it in an e-mail. Plus, if you leave the link in the comments, everyone can read all the submissions which makes it more fun.

That's it.

Oh, you want to know what the prize is?

It's a skein of Merino Frappe yarn and a pattern* to make an easy but fabulous scarf from the one skein. I made a couple of these for Christmas gifts last year and they were big hits.

Have a great week.

(*Note to the person who once left a comment fallaciously accusing me of possessing an illegally copied pattern but who failed to leave her name or e-mail address. This is a shop pattern from my LYS. Although it's a photocopy, it's the actual photocopy that was given to me when I purchased the yarn for this contest. So there's no need to get your undies in a bunch again.)

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