Sunday, October 24, 2004

FO and Acquisition

I finished another "quickie" holiday gift this weekend. It's a simple scarf made from one skein of heavy mohair and one skein of Eskimo eyelash yarn.

I used the technique I blogged about a few weeks ago in which I alternated yarns by working the scarf on a circular needle and pushing the stitches to the opposite end every other row. See how it doesn’t look quite like garter stitch. I think it's a nice variation. I also bought some pre-strung beads to sew on the ends of the scarf. I did this for the crop top I made my niece last spring. I bought the beads at Michaels, but someone told me that the Evil Empire* sells them too.

I also received a package on Saturday with the fabulous handspun that I ordered from Amy.

The colors are just amazing. I had originally intended to use this for socks, but now that I see it I'm not sure. It would be too bad to hide those wonderful colors in some shoes. Any suggestions?

Contest Update

I've drafted the rules for the contest that I'm holding
while I'm on vacation. I'll post them Tuesday morning so check back then.

*I unwaveringly refuse to shop at the Evil Empire for any number of reasons, but understand that it may be the only source some of you have for craft items.

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