Wednesday, October 13, 2004

FO, WooHoo

I finished the second pair of socks I started from the October
Mustersocken knitalong pattern.

I did make a few alterations this time, though. The original pattern had a 10-stitch repeat and was written for sock-weight yarn. I wanted to use some worsted-weight alpaca/wool blend yarn I bought a couple of weeks ago, but 40 stitches would be too few and 50, too many. So I worked the pattern over 8 stitches instead of 10.

I also used a two-color braid cast on that Nancy Bush used for one of the socks in Knitting on the Road.

Finally, I used a new heel-turning technique that was posted to the Six Sox Knitalong list. Basically, it combines the wrap-and-turn technique with SSK and p2tog.

It makes a wider, more rounded heel that is actually shaped like the heel of a foot.

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