Sunday, October 03, 2004

Hallowig is Finished

I had house guests this weekend so I didn't get much knitting accomplished. I did, however, finish my Hallowig on Sunday morning.

(Yes, that is a sofa in my back yard. Don't ask.)

The wig's cute, huh? True to form, I didn’t follow the pattern as it was written. It was written for an adult size and I had to adapt it to fit DD's relatively small head. The original pattern is here. This is how I changed it:

From then on I just followed the pattern as it was written. For the bind off, I would recommend during the wig inside out before you transfer the stitches to double points. It's really easy to drop the stitches on the ends of the needles.

DD loves the wig and choose red yarn because she intends to dress up as Raggedy Anne on Halloween.

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