Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Holiday Gifts

After surfing a few blogs this week, I can see that the holiday gift-knitting frenzy has begun. Although I have more cause to be frantic than many of you since Hanukkah begins on December 7th, I refuse to stress about holiday knitting this year. First, I've decided that the only people who I will knit for are those who have expressed happiness at receiving hand-knit gifts in the past. That would include my next-door neighbor for whom I made a Constant Companion felted bag last year. She called me on Christmas morning, literally weeping with happiness. This call was particularly complimentary since this women is an exceptional knitter who has won more than her fair share of blue ribbons at the Utah State Fair. Her daughter later told me that she carries the bag everywhere and makes a special point of telling everyone that I knit it for her. You know she'll be getting something special this year; maybe a Flower Basket Shawl. Then there's my mail carrier, Marty, who puts smiley faces on the boxes of yarn I receive from Germany and who regularly urges me to go to the Taos Wool Festival by stuffing my mailbox with fliers. I made him a pair of fingerless gloves last year and he wears them all the time; making a point to give me an exaggerated wave every time I pass him in my car so that I can see he has them on. He'll get something special, too; maybe some nice wool boot socks. There are a few others on my short list, too, but for the most part their gifts have already been knit (you didn't really think that I could possibly keep all this stuff that I knit, did you). I will, though, make some "quickie" gifts for my daughter's friends and other "lesser" recipients. Here's the first of those quickie gifts:

The pattern is from a Knitter's Magazine that was published last year. Maybe the fall or maybe the winter edition; I don't remember. Of course, I altered it some (you knew I was going to say that) and like "my" version better. After I took the photo, I added a magnetic clasp to the front tab and will probably comb Claire's for some cheap cute, tween-friendly pin to attach to the tab.

Oh, and yes, that is my cat. Just because I don't blog about her doesn't mean I don't love her.

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