Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Perfect Weather

The weather in Salt Lake was absolutely gorgeous last week and looks like it will continue for the rest of this week, too. Although most of the leaves have already fallen from the trees in the high mountains, there's still some color lower down. On Sunday, DD and I hiked up Desolation Trail in Millcreek Canyon. This canyon is amazing and it's only a five minute car ride from my house. Back when I was in better shape, I used to ride my bike up the canyon road every Saturday morning to the point where a gate separates the lower canyon from the upper canyon. (I know Laurie and Margene will laugh when they read this, but it's true.) Here are some pictures we took on our way up to the top of the trail. (If you click on the picture, a new window opens up with a larger view):

This is the view looking to the North:

This is also looking to the North but we're higher up now, probably about 7,300 feet:

And this is looking toward the South-East from 7,300 feet:

I had the day off work yesterday but didn't get much knitting done. The kids were at school so I took the opportunity to purge their respective rooms of their favorite, too-small clothes. In the evening, I did finish a scarf I've been working on out of Whisper yarn. Gosh, that yarn is difficult to work with. After I'd cast off, I held up the scarf and discovered that I'd dropped a stitch about half-way through. Damn! Of course I frogged it down to the hole, so I'll be working on finishing it for the second time tonight at SnB.

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