Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I work in a Federal Building downtown that has very limited parking. The boss has his own "special" parking space (according to the sign erected over the space by the U.S. Marshals Service you shouldn't even think about parking there) which leaves two spaces to be split among 3 permanent employees, myself included. We've developed a rotating system to share the 2 spaces and this is my year to park off the facility. I’ve been parking in a lot across the street from the building and paying the "enormous" sum of $45.00 per month. Anyway, I bought my monthly hang tag yesterday and just have to comment on the woman who works for the parking service. This woman is so unbelievably friendly that it’s almost criminal. And she’s not friendly in a smarmy, sappy way, either; she's infectiously bright and chipper. And she always addresses me by name after she runs my credit card. After having a crap-fest of a day, she actually lifted my spirts. Thanks, unidentified parking lot attendant!

Hallowig Update

The Utah Legal Aid Society fundraiser is Friday night. My friend, Stephanie, has pledged to donate $100 if I wear the Hallowig and carry on as if nothing is unusual. Hmmm . . . as much as Legal Aid needs that $100 I’m not sure I can sign on to that challenge. Now, maybe if she offered $1,000 I’d seriously consider it. Am I being unreasonable??

New Socks

I actually have two socks-in-progress but I only have a picture of one:

This is knit from the October pattern from the Mustersocken knitalong. It’s a slip stitch pattern that looks very similar to Domino knitting. I was so curious to see how it would work up that I couldn’t put it down last night. After DD saw the colors this morning, she’s begun to refer to them as my "Slytherin Socks."

Knitting with the Wildfoote has made me remember why I hate this yarn. The splitting and twisting is even more obnoxious when you're working with two colors. The thought of using this yarn for a stranded pattern is enough to run a chill up my spine.

Who's linking here?

Running commentary on my unending quest to knit up my stash.