Thursday, November 04, 2004

Coming Up For Air

Yes, that's a picture of "The" baby sweater taken 10 seconds before I wrapped it up and stuffed it in a gift bag and 20 seconds before I threw on my coat and swept out the door. I'm actually pretty pleased at how it turned out. Since I didn't have any cute buttons, I decided to knit the two front bands in garter stitch without buttonholes. Then DD came up with the (truly) brilliant idea of closing the opening at the neck with a bar pin. I dug a vintage costume pin out of my collection and, Voilá, c'est fini.

Several people have asked, so here's the info on the pattern. It's called Blossoms & Bowties Baby Cardigans and it was written by Lorna Miser and Michele Wyman. I bought my copy several years ago so I don't know if it's still available. The stitch pattern I used is the Blossoms pattern. The body is knit in one piece until it divides into the fronts and back at the bottom of the armhole. The shoulders are joined with a three-needle bind off. Then the sleeves are knit and set into the armhole openings. There is an error in the sleeve instructions, but I discovered it quickly so I didn't have to frog too many rows.
It's a cute pattern and I'll most likely make another one this weekend.

Stay Tuned

I got a great RAOK today from Shannon that I'll share with all of you tomorrow. But I've got to run right now and go to my "real" job doing the Lord's government's work.

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